Stagnant Beauty

From looking on my blog one would think I don't create much. That couldn't be farther from the truth. I just don't show much. Over he last few years I have made several attempts to get more work to the world. This need becomes more evident as I fill another hard drive with useless images that no- one will ever see. So, no more promises. Just another photo! 20140304-095626.jpg

Still Watching


Lately, I have been shooting more and more. I am acquiring a lot of data. And I feel, once again, that I dont know what to do with it all. The difference? I'm ok with it this time. I dont care if all my images have METADATA. I dont care if they get catalogued or even set for web viewing, let alone printing. I had high hopes of getting back into printing, but what? I dont know if I could cull my work into a show. Meaning, I think anything attributed statement wise from a "show" of mine would be contrived. Im just watching the world. It's pretty out there. I wish more people truly looked "out" more.

I dont meen to sound so dreary. I am shooting better and better work every day. Hopefully this, whatever it is, will help me to edit more. Maybe something WILL come of my view on this life I live. Maybe a book is due...