City Life


20140309-140138.jpgMan, yesterday was a whirlwind. I didn't eat right and kinda fucked myself for dinner, but I took today off and rested up. All I can say is that in my limited experience, upper Manhattan is boring. But Chelsea and The Meat Packing District are pretty cool. Very hip indeed, although I just realized I don't have the kind of income to live in this city the way I would want!

I must say that there is something inherently charming about the juxtaposition of the well dressed and the dirt of the city. THIS IS A METROPOLIS



20140308-174244.jpgToday was so NY. I walked from the hotel to Harlem and then over to The Upper West Side and down toward The High Line. It felt so neurotic walking to nowhere, but I had fun. The Garment District has a lot of "dressers" which makes total sense, I'm kinda mad I didn't stop anyone for a portrait. I don't think I am eating enough and get a little weird around 3. SOMETHING TO WORK ON



20140307-185653.jpgTwo boroughs down, three to go. Trekking through The Upper East Side into East Village. I was on my way to The Aperture Foundation when a close friend wanted to link up, so I left Chelsea and took off to Midtown. We then crossed The Williamsburg Bridge to go to his house in Bushwick (if you wanna sound cool). Talked to some loke- dawgs (yes the West Coast slang is necessary) and heard some cool stories. PHOTO TIME




20140307-125407.jpgSo we landed at JFK around 11:15 and thusly embarked on my first trip to NYC. We dropped our bags at the hotel and and went around the corner for some food. This city really does never sleep, and we are staying in what seems to be a sleepy part of town. But what do I know?

It's amazing how at home I feel considering its thirty some odd degrees outside and this city is fucking DIRTY! I'm still struggling to take it all in and it's almost one pm. MORE TO COME